Dresden School Board 4/30/19

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Call To Order 00:00:04

New England Music Festival Donation 00:00:18

Agenda Review 00:03:58

Report Of High School Student Council 00:05:30

Report Of Middle School Student Council 00:13:18

Principal's Report 00:18:44

Motion To Enter Non-Public Session 00:27:11

Return To Public Session 00:28:04

Motion Based On Non-Public Session 00:28:05

Draft Agenda Template 00:30:46

Staff Appreciation Day Activities 00:36:15

Update On Track Resurface and Turf Field Work 00:39:50

Vidigami Discussion 01:14:26

Business Requiring Action - Approvals 01:17:40

Report Of Chair 01:36:55

Superintendent's Report 01:37:47

Business Administrator's Report 01:41:36

Motion To Enter Non-Public Session 02:12:54

Return To Public Session 02:13:34

Motions Based On Non-Public Session 02:13:37

Motion To Adjourn 02:15:32

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