Norwich Selectboard 3/7/18

Open Agenda

Call To Order 00:00:01

Nomination and Election of Chair 00:00:50

Nomination and Election of Vice Chair 00:12:07

Approval of Agenda 00:14:44

Official Town Newspaper 00:19:42

Set Regular Meeting Schedule 00:20:30

Open Positions 00:43:37

Authorize Chair Or vice Chair to Sign Payroll 00:59:55

Sign Accounts payable - Authorization 01:06:00

Procedure for Accepting Correspondence 01:06:57

Adopt Rules For Special and Regular Meetings 01:29:27

VLCT Selectboard Insitute 01:40:04

Review of Next Agenda 02:05:09

Motion To Enter Executive Session-Town Manager 02:36:01

Motion To Return To Public Session 02:36:25

Motion Based On Executive Session 02:36:49

Motion To Adjourn 02:38:45