Dresden School Board 2/27/18

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Call To Order 00:00:01

Public Hearing On Hermit Hill Donation 00:00:44

Agenda Review 00:03:29

Report Of HHS Student Council 00:05:28

Principal's Reports 00:06:35

RMS Vignette - Ellen Fisher 00:10:48

Final Preparations for District Meeting 00:22:09

Progress Report on Board Committee Goals 00:23:34

King Arthur Flour Easement Request 00:32:13

Policy IHCD Advanced Coursework 00:47:25

Gun Policy Review/ Due To Legislation Discussion 00:55:06

Business Requiring Action - Approvals 01:31:21

Report Of Chair 02:09:58

Superintendent's Report 02:17:04

Business Administrator's Report 02:18:05

Motion To Adjourn 02:26:15

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