Hanover School Board 1/24/18

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Call To Order 00:00:00

Town Of Hanover Trustees - Report on Bridgman Fund 00:00:15

Motion To Suspend Regular Meeting 00:14:40

Public Hearing in Accordance With RSA 32:5 00:15:05

Close The Public Hearing 00:35:26

Motion To Re-Enter Regular Meeting 00:35:38

Adoption of 2018-19 Budget 00:35:52

Approval Of School District Warrant 00:37:21

Principal's Bridgman Trust Proposals 00:40:00

Out Of District Placement And NECC Update 01:14:24

Preparations For District Meeting 01:22:55

Business Requiring Action - Approvals 01:26:34

Report of Chair 01:30:58

Principal's Report 01:33:11

Superintendent's Report 01:38:47

Motion To Adjourn 01:46:16

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