Hanover School Board 9/19/17

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Student Vignette: 5th Grade Keewaydin Campers 00:00:25

Student Vignette: A Day in Life: 5th Grade Keewaydin Campers

Rview of Candidates for Vacated School Board Seat 00:16:39

Standardized Assessment Schedule 00:23:34

Review of Draft 2018-19 Budget Guidelines 00:26:42

Draft Audited Year-End Report 00:36:15

Approve Minutes - August 16, 2017 00:38:19

Approval of Expenditures 00:39:13

Approval of Annie Mackintosh increase .8FTE-1.0FTE 00:41:43

Report of the Chair 00:44:41

Superintendent's Report 00:45:02

Principal's Report 00:58:19

Committees & Goals 01:11:09

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