Norwich School Board 9/6/17

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PTO Report 00:00:29

Principal's Report 00:09:40

Enrollment Update 00:19:24

Local Action Plan 00:26:02

SBAC Testing Update (includes scores) 00:37:53

School Board Assignments for Expenditure Review 00:48:24

Designated School Board Assignments for Expenditure Review

Draft of 2018-19 Budget Guidelines 00:53:25

Return to Policy Review 00:59:37

Approve Minutes August 15, 2017 01:10:38

Byrne Donation: April 2018 Ecology Trip 01:16:20

Approval of Amending the Parent Handbook 01:19:35

Report of the Chair 01:22:13

Report of Superintendent, Business Administrator 01:26:16

Reports of Committees 01:42:03

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