Lebanon Planning Board - July 10, 2017

Approval of Minutes: 6/12/17 00:01:22

Notice of Regional Impact 00:03:37

Completeness Review of New Applications 00:08:03

Lebanon Plaza Associates - Freezer Addition 00:09:38

Lebanon Plaza Associates, LLC/Kincora Development, LLC/Hannaford Bros. Co., LLC C/O Maple Rock: Request for Site Plan Amendment to construct a 366 square foot freezer addition and parking lot expansion at an existing Hannaford’s supermarket with associated site improvements located at 2-8 Market Street, Tax Map 101 Lot 1, West Lebanon, NH in the GC zone. #PB2017-14-SPA

Jack & Kathryn Moseley/Audra Smith/Lois E. Hull 00:26:12

Request for Boundary Line Adjustment of lands located along Slayton Hill Road, Tax Map 119 Lot 35 and Tax Map 120 Lot 3, Lebanon, NH in the R-3, RL-2 & RL-3 zone. #PB2017-15-BLA

Master Plan: Chap. 13 (Energy) - Proposed Addendum 00:46:59

The Master Plan describes the City’s vision for itself in the future. It is a policy document which is implemented, in part, through regulations such as the Zoning Ordinance, Site Plan Review and Subdivision Regulations, and is used extensively by City Administration and Local Land Use Boards to guide budgeting, decision-making, and other actions. The Master Plan was last adopted on March 26, 2012, and subsequently amended on May 29, 2012 to adopt and incorporate Chapter 13 – Energy. In lieu of a complete review and update of Chapter 13 (Energy) of the 2012 Master Plan,the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee (LEAC) has requested that the Planning Board consider adopting an Addendum to the chapter to reflect changed attitudes and opinions regarding natural gas. The Lebanon City Council has also endorsed LEAC’s proposal. In accordance with NH RSA 674:4 and 675:6, the Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Monday, July 10, 2017, starting at 6:30pm, to consider the requested Addendum. Any comments can be presented at the meeting or forwarded in writing to the Planning Department prior to the meeting. Comment received through the Planning Department will be forwarded to the Board for their consideration at the public hearing.