Hanover School Board 5/17/17

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Board Committees Report 00:00:23

Committee Assignments 00:04:41

& Need for Hanover Finance Committee

Review Letter authorizing Bridgman Fund Monies 00:08:49

Review of goals, post-retreat 00:10:40

Update on Ray School Building Goals 00:17:21

Approve Minutes 4/12/17 00:18:45

Approval of Bridgman Fund Proposals 00:19:34

Staff Elections 00:52:01

Election of Lisamarie Arroyo as .8 Special Education teacher Election of Alma Garcia as a .4 Spanish teacher Election of Courtney Quimby as 1.0 Special Education teacher Election of Samantha Waterhouse as 1.0 fourth-grade teacher Election of Emily Wilson as a 1.0 third-grade teacher

Election of newly certified staff members 00:59:15

Adoption of Meeting Schedule for 2017-18 00:59:39

Adoption of meeting agenda template for 2017-18 01:01:43

Signing for one-year audit services 01:05:35

Report of the Chair 01:06:19

Report of Administrators 01:06:34

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