Norwich Selectboard 5/10/17

Letter 00:00:36

Approval of Agenda 00:01:16

Public Comments 00:03:09

Board to Sign Accounts Payable/Warrants 00:33:07

Open Positions - Norwich Historic Preservation 00:31:18

Public Safety Building Plans 00:35:38

Gile Mountain 01:05:02

Follow-up to Selectboard Vision and Goals 02:11:57

Town Plan Renewal 01:27:20

Selectboard Communication 02:47:32

Town Manager Report 02:52:14

Correspondence 03:02:27

a) Stephanie Briggs & Michael Lyons b) Stuart Richards c) John Farrell d) Judy & Joseph Phillips e) Wilfred Smith f) Jim Gold g) Penny McConnel h) Rusty Sachs i) Colin Calloway j) Pamela Smith k) Cheryl Sittle l) Marcia Calloway m) Alison Marchione (UVLT) n) David Sargent & Ann Shriver Sargent

Approval of Minutes 4/26/2017 03:05:54

Review of Next Agendas 03:08:03