Lebanon Planning Board- May 8, 2017

Acceptance of Minutes April 10, 2017 00:00:21

Notice of Regional Impact 00:00:28

Completeness Review of New Applications 00:00:47

9 Pershing Street, LLC 00:01:59

Request for Site Plan Review to construct a 3,490 sq. ft building with associated site improvements for a contractor’s yard at 9 Pershing Street, Tax Map 78 Lot 48, Lebanon, NH in the IND-L zone. #PB2017-12-SPR

GRCA, LLC / Michael Davidson 00:40:29

Request for Site Plan Review for a change of use from existing service station to an eatery (coffee shop/bakery/wine bar) with on associated on site improvements at 1 North Park Street, Tax Map 92 Lot 14, Lebanon, NH in the CBD Zone #PB2017-13-SPR

Rezoning Request: Mascoma Savings Bank/Twin Pines 01:44:34

The proposal is to rezone two (2) residential parcels of land located at 16 Tracy Street, and 70 Main Street, West Lebanon. The parcels are currently designated Residential-Three (R-3) and are identified as Tax Map 72, Lots 76 & 78. Twin Pines Housing Trust and Mascoma Bank are requesting Council approval to rezone the parcels as Central Business District (CBD).

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