Dresden Schoolboard 4/25/17

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Gift of $10,125 from the Byrne Foundation 00:00:28

Public Hearing in accordance with RSA 198:20-b to accept gifts of $5,000 or more a. Gift of $10,125 from the Byrne Foundation to support RMS Robotics Team

Report of HHS Council Representative 00:03:19

March Intensive summary 00:14:15

Weapons on school grounds 00:52:25

Staff Appreciation Week logistics 01:25:03

Retreat Plans 01:26:34

Board Agenda Template 01:36:32

Draft meeting schedule for 2017-18 01:39:10

Status of SB 193 01:42:55

Minutes of regular meeting of March 28,2017 01:45:23

Re-approve DFA - lnvestment Policy 01:46:30

Tuition rates for 2017-18 01:47:20

Election of newly certified RMS, HHS faculty 01:48:56

HHS position nominations 01:53:52

Election of Wendy Kares as HHS Counselor Election of Jennifer LeBlanc as one-year French teacher at HHS Election of Ian Gollub as .8 band teacher

Leave for Andrew Puchalik 01:59:56

Reduction of FTE for teacher Sally Hair 02:03:33

Space at schools 02:05:29

Report of Chair 02:14:31

Report of Administrators 02:15:02

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