Norwich School Board 3/8/17

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Election of Officers 00:00:15

PTO Report 00:02:18

Principal's Report 00:09:56

Norwich SB conflict of interest policy (BCB) 00:21:36

Disclosure from Treasurer: Conflict of Interest 00:22:22

Draft agenda template for 2017-18 00:23:18

Update on Pre-K at Marion Cross 00:26:32

Gym Use/Collaboration with Rec Department 00:39:33

Negotiations w/ teachers' assoc. & support staff 00:58:18

Next steps in policy review 01:01:37

Appt:Certified Staff for the 2017-18 school year 01:05:10

Approve Minutes 2/8/17 01:05:39

Gift of 1k from Byrne Foundation for CPR cert. 01:09:42

Gift of $597: VCF for children's books 01:11:44

Gift of $597 from Vermont community Foundation for children's books

Report of Chair 01:12:31

Report of Administrators 01:12:57

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