Lebanon School Board 9/9/20mp4

Open Agenda

Right To Know/Virtual Meeting 00:00:00

Public Hearing-Donation From Byrne Foundation 00:01:11

Public Hearing-Donation From Byrne Foundation 00:01:46

Call To Order 00:03:27

Pledge Of Allegiance 00:03:29

Public Comment 00:04:27

Consent Agenda 00:14:32

Committee Updates 00:18:30

Superintendent Update 00:21:12

Updated English Language Learner LAU Plan 00:42:48

School Board and Committee Meeting Platform 00:46:06

Info From SAU Administration A/B Remote Models 01:00:22

Mount Lebanon Elementary School Renovation Project 01:32:40

After School Activities including Co-Curricular 01:45:45

First Reading Of Policies 01:55:05

Motion To Adjourn 02:11:06